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With a tax-first perspective, legal expertise, and a commitment to your family's well-being, we provide comprehensive, client-centered solutions that empower you to pursue what you want in life. Explore our range of personal services and embark on a journey towards financial independence with Wealth Health by your side.

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7 Core Principles for Wealth Creation & Preservation 

  1. Having and sticking to a "Structure, Strategy, and Plan" is necessary to build and perserve wealth. 
  2. Utilizing tax advantaged accounts is like starting the second half of a football games up by 22 points. It doesn't guarantee a win, but gives an advantage making it much more likely.
  3. Auto Contributions increase the likelihood of achieving goals. 
  4. Investor behavior, not performance, primarily determines success. Daily access to account values "empowers" you to make regular emotional mistakes. The internet should come with a warning label: "Wisdom sold separately."
  5. Debt reduction gives more flexibility, requiring a plan for it. 
  6. In retirement, the "sequence of returns," not the "rate of return" determines success. 
  7. Legacy planning and probate avoidance protect assets. 

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