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About Us

At Wealth Health, LLC, we know that people want to rely on a single source that will help provide solutions to them concerning all of their financial service-related needs.  

The problem is most advisors haven’t structured their business to address all of a client’s financial needs.  This leaves clients feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  At Wealth Health, LLC, we combine financial planning, tax preparation and advising, and estate planning under one roof.  We believe that many clients should be served by a TEAM with unique and complementary skills that can provide breadth and integration of solutions for each client. Our team has developed and refined a system called the Wealth Health TC3 Process: Working in-and-through the tax code to provide Total Control, Clarity and Confidence.  We believe that if you don’t have a tax plan, you don’t have a true financial plan.

With an emphasis on retirement planning for individuals in Ohio and South Florida, we aim to answer the two most prevalent questions:

  1. Do I have enough to retire?
  2. Do I have any blind spots?

Like what you see? Call us to schedule your complimentary planning meeting.  In the meantime, find out in 5 minutes your risk tolerance and see if your portfolio fits you. Learn more here: Risk Assessment. "Life happens", and when it does, know that we will be here for you and your family!