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Wealth Management

Retirement used to be supported by the three-legged stool: personal savings, social security, and pensions.


“Based on current law, in 2037, the Social Security Trust will be depleted.”¹
This means you will likely only receive 75 percent of your Social Security benefits.


Approximately only 3 percent of private-sector workers participate in a pension plan.²


It is up to you, together with us, to ensure that you can retire comfortably and with the lifestyle you deserve.

TC3 Process

  • Personal Wealth Management
  • Life Planning
  • Roth IRA’s
  • Traditional IRA’s
  • 529 Plans
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • 401K
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Cash Balance
  • Financial Plans

Clint's Top 10 Core Beliefs

  1. Your retirement strategy should be based on the Wealth Health 3 Bucket Tax Efficient Retirement System. This involves implementing a withdrawal system geared toward paying less in taxes.
  2. Have a debt reduction plan.
  3. Automate your way to wealth.
  4. Take advantage of the Roth option.
  5. Focus on the sequence of returns instead of the rate of return in retirement withdrawals.
  6. Where you live (city, county, and state) has a substantial impact on the amount of taxes you pay.
  7. Life expectancies are rising. Your money will need to last longer.
  8. Faith in the future is the only realism. This faith is essential.
  9. You will likely not be able to work as long as you think. Save like others don’t now so you can live like others don’t later.
  10. Saving 15%-20% per year should be your goal depending on the lifestyle you want to live in retirement.

¹ Social Security Board of Trustees
²Adams, Nevin E., "Conversation Starters", Planadviser, March-April, 2011. pg.56